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About Me

Hey! My name is Nick and I'm a Sound Designer. My mission is to create immersive soundscapes and audio experiences for gamers everywhere. I received my B.A. in Recording Arts from Full Sail University in 2020. 

Audio has been a part of my life for a very very long time. At a young age, I became involved with the school band playing multiple instruments. In high school, this progressed to marching band and other ventures in performance and songwriting. 

While performing led me down one path in life, I felt much more at home in a recording studio. Playing in bands gave me the opportunity to spend time in the recording studio environment. This led me to pursue a proper education in audio engineering. 


I have always been an avid gamer and always held an interest in the inner workings of game development, especially on the audio side. This led me to focus my education on post-production audio, specifically sound design. I am extremely passionate about the creative and technical sides of sound design for both games and film. 

Here's some cool stuff I have been a part of:
Foley Editing
SFX Pack
Sound Designer
Sound Designer
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